We Mine Tokens!

0xBitcoin is decentralized and credibly-neutral money for Ethereum.
Protocol: ERC20
Network: Ethereum Mainnet
We believe that the true nature of 'bitcoin' is decentralized and trustless with no IOUs or custodians. While other tokens like WBTC peg their price to that of 'Bitcoin Core', the token WBTC itself is centralized and trustful. That means that the WBTC token does not have the attributes of Bitcoin.
So that 0xBitcoin tokens have the trustless attributes of Bitcoin, 0xBTC does not maintain a price peg to Bitcoin Core or any other Bitcoin fork. 0xBTC is Bitcoin realized on the Ethereum Network from re-genesis which occured February 6, 2018. 0xBitcoin tokens are mined using proof of work with the same ruleset as Bitcoin:
  • Maximum supply of 21,000,000
  • Initial supply of 0
  • All tokens must be mined with auto-adjusting Proof of Work (adjustment ruleset in solidity)
  • Initial reward is 50 coins
  • Halvenings occur when half of the remaining supply has been mined (first halvening at 10.5m supply)
This means that DeFi now has a primitive implementation of 'bitcoin' that works with all smart contracts in the Ethereum Mainnet EVM and all Layer 2 EVMs that connect to Mainnet.
Last modified 2mo ago
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